Today’s complex world economy and the rapid pace of farming industry makes it impossible for producers to manage a farm enterprise the way their parents did in 100 years ago. Without a proper understanding of record keeping and its current and future implications the farm operator will not make it very far in today’s business environment

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Welcome to the Farm Record Keeping Course brought to you by AMFIU!

This training programme on farm record keeping has been designed to meet the increasing demands of viewers who are financial suppliers in agricultural finance to have reference points for guiding their clients and farming communities, in general, to generate and record information necessary for enhancing the better performance of their farming businesses and make necessary decisions.

The training programme contains 3 modules which provide a systematic framework considered useful for analysing and discussing training approaches underlying farming concepts, benefits of keeping records and types of records deemed necessary to be maintained by farmers in different categories. The programme also contains step-by-step useful information on how to generate and record data necessary to produce financial statements to reveal the financial outcomes of each farming activity.

Learning Objectives

By the end of the Course, participants should be able to

  1. Understand the need to keep good and accurate farm records
  2. Identify types of farm records kept by different categories of farmers
  3. Identify challenges that livestock farmers face in maintaining good and accurate farm records